Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quote of the Day

This one from Lyle:

"I disagree with the fact that..." is saying you disagree with something while acknowledging it as fact, which is simply another way of saying you're crazy.


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Glenn B said...

No not that you are crazy but that you probabloy have used English poorly. That is unless of course you are talking about something that someone else has accepted as fact or that is generally accepted as fact but that you have not accpeted as such. For example, for years it was a fact that a high fat diet caused people's cholesterol levels to rise to unhealthy levels. Several people did not believe this and disagreed with what was considered fact at the time. Those who disagreed were not crazy, not fools and in fact were right for the msot part (as proven by Atkins and by those who studied the diets and cholesterol levels of Eskimos).

Of course, everything I jsut wrote applies to the word fact by only one or two of its definitions - basically that fact equals reality, truth or verity.

There are other meanings for the word fact such as information that someone believes such as something someone said to be true as they know it.

All the best,