Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Titan Thoughts - Week 6

It was a game only a Titan fan could love, I guess. Not much to say about Defense or Special teams that hasn't been said before - really, really good. Again.

I imagine the only chatter this week is what to do about Vince Young's injury. We still don't know how bad it is, although Vince didn't need crutches last night, which is a good sign*.

What we do know is we have the best back up QB in football** in Kerry Collins.

We also know we don't have another Division game till after the bye week.

We also know we have five Division games in six weeks to close out the season (whose bright idea was that, anyway?)

So, knowing all this, should Vince Young play before the bye week if he's anything less than 100% ?

Hell no.

Sit Vince till after the bye. He'll have two non Division games to get tuned up, then we go into the meat grinder that is our last six weeks.

The one non division game in that time? The Kansas City Chiefs in Arrowhead. In December.

We'll need everybody at the top of their game if we're to make the playoffs this year. Sit Vince now, for the future.

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* all that follows is predicated on VY having a minor injury that will need a week or two to heal.

**the Mike Vick/Kevin Kolb situation doesn't count. Neither of them are backup QBs.

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