Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The First Reasonable Argument Against (State) Constitutional Carry

By "reasonable" I mean "has a valid point":

This is simply a bad idea and would put TN HCP holders at a disadvantage in other states. My TN HCP allows me to carry is most other states, without it I could not legally carry outside of TN.
How do we address this person's concerns?

Found in comments here, right above mine. Yeah, I got kinda pissy. Wanted to stir the pot a bit.



Whitebread said...

It's a non-issue. I worked a wreck where one of the involved was a gentleman from Alaska openly carrying a Glock 23 (that's legal here!). He had an Alaska carry permit. He explained that (as I already knew) Alaska did not require a permit to carry in the state, but offered one anyway in case you wanted reciprocity with another state.

I'm all for permitless carry. If it's legal for you to own the gun, then in TN the government "shall" issue it to you. Then what is the permitting process but taxation of a right?

Hopefully when enough states do this, reciprocity will become a non-issue as well.

Bob S. said...


Make a line item on your Driver's licenses stating that you if you are licensed to drive (a deadly weapon) you are licensed to carry a firearm.

Then each person is properly licensed.

Convicted violent felons could have their right to carry removed.

Blake W said...

Yes. If this were passed, the permit would still remain in place for people who wanted to carry in other states that have reciprocity with TN.

Now, you just don't have to pony up a lot of money and ask permission to be able to exert your rights within the state. Just like Vermont.

Rustmeister said...

If it ever does come up, we need to be sure and have our pols address this stuff!

Linoge said...

...we need to be sure and have our pols address this stuff!

That is true, but I would hardly consider it an argument "against" permitless carry :).

Rustmeister said...

Ya caught me! =)

Anonymous said...

I was going to say the same thing as Whitebread. That the permit system to exist for those who want to travel outside of their state, but not needed to carry while in the state.

This way reciprocity laws will be upheld.