Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I have conflicting feelings about this story:

Two Tennessee state legislators unveiled a plan Tuesday in front of Memphis City Hall that would go over the heads of Memphis City Council members to force the city to drop its residency requirement for police officers.

The short version: those guys want to enact a state law that would outlaw residency requirements for any police force with over 2000 employees.

The only city that fits that description and has a residency requirement? Memphis. All the other major cities do not have residency requirements.

I'm conflicted because I like government to be done at the lowest level possible. The state shouldn't tell the city what to do with its police force.

However, when the city can't fill 200 police force vacancies because they won't drop the residency requirement due to the rampant racism of the city council, then maybe handling it at the state level is the right thing to do.


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