Wednesday, December 17, 2008

M14 Petition

Via Blackfork we find this petition:

There is a strong demand for a M14 DCM program, which will curb Government waste by providing up to $300-600 Million DEFICIT REDUCTION. With uncertainty of the price tag of the current war, this will help pay for freedoms we enjoy in this country.

This petition is to show Congressional Representatives that Law abiding Americans want such a program in support of Deficit Reduction, Military Historical Preservation, and 2nd Amendment Rights. We want them to be "PRO-ACTIVE" in Congress and help us get an M14 DCM program; the current M1 program has been a success for many years through Civilian Marksmanship Program

With the looming war deficit, our government should not throw away hundreds of millions of dollars by destroying M14 rifles - some of which are brand new!? Quit wasting taxpayer money and allow the sale of DoD semi-auto M14s, M1 carbines, etc. to the law-abiding, taxpaying voters.

Yeah, getting M14's from the CMP would rock.


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