Friday, July 25, 2008

WaPo on God & Guns

Even though they're late to the dance, I'll go ahead and talk about this post by David Waters up at the Washington Post. They're talking about the Windsor Hills Baptist Church's (cancelled) plan to give away a rifle.

They seem to be opposed to the idea:

Praise the Lord and pass the automatic assault rifles. One nation, under God, locked and loaded. In Guns We Trust.
I, for one, wonder where they got the idea that an automatic weapon was being given away. Maybe they don't research their stories before posting them. Just a guess.

Then, there's some shilling for the Brady Bunch:
Rev. Rachel Smith, whose blog "God Not Guns" is a project of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, calls it gundamentalism.

"America’s gun culture is marked by zeal closely akin to that of religious fundamentalism. The gun-rights movement is built upon a system of belief that is both absolutist and aggressive. It has its sacred text, its creed, its icon and its ideology."

And its adherents.
(link removed in the above quote)
I watched the video, expecting to see some sort of wild-eyed cult of survivalist extremists.
Of course you did, you're an anti-gun bigot.
Instead I saw men and women, boys and girls eating and playing, singing and praying. I saw the good, God-fearing people who elect our presidents, fight our wars, patrol our streets and put food on our tables.
You mean regular people? I'm surprised your heart could stand the shock.
I see people who are products of our gundamentalist culture, people who drape the cross with a flag, people who believe the Second Amendment should be one of the Ten Commandments, people who seem to have more trust in guns than in God.
God helps those who help themselves. You should know that, seeing as you write about religion and such. I guess that how you dealt with the cognitive dissonance you felt in the paragraph above.

You seem to think gun owners want to combine God and Government, all the while using God to remove freedoms.

You sir, are not only a bigot, but a hypocrite.


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