Thursday, March 20, 2008

Naifeh Has Done it Again

As I've alluded to here and here,

Naifeh votes to kill gun bills

House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh made an unusual visit to a subcommittee hearing to cast votes that killed several handgun bills, including one that would have allowed diners to carry guns into restaurants.

Naifeh, who can cast votes in any House committee or subcommittee of his choosing, voted in three roll call votes that helped defeat bills in the Criminal Practice Subcommittee, as well as in a voice vote that defeated a fourth bill.

This is a huge, huge failing of the West TN NRA and other gun rights organizations.. This guy's been doing this for years. He's had legitimate challenges to his seat, but nothing is ever done.

Via Unc, who has more posts on this guy than anyone else I know.

Remember this, Tennessee voters, when you vote for your state Rep. Even if he/she is a "good Democrat", they will still vote for Naifeh as Speaker, and no decent gun legislation will ever get passed on his watch. (also via Unc)

Glad he's not my rep.

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