Monday, March 24, 2008

Bikers Helping Kids

I know, that's not news, but this is:

Bikers Against Child Abuse is the organization that our very own Strings does work for. It concentrates on helping victims of child abuse to cope and get the help they need to move past whatever situation it is that they’ve encountered (in a nutshell). Check the site out for more information.

Go over to his blog, follow the instructions, and leave a comment and rating. You have to register in order to do so, but seeing as how it’s a lot easier than, you know, working, I think you should do it.

The organization with the most comments on their section by the deadline (which I’m not sure of, but I see people commenting from today) gets a donation of $10,000. I call that an easy way to contribute to a good cause.

Thanks, Squeeks.

A worthy cause, to be sure.

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