Monday, March 24, 2008

Name One Correct Thing She Said... this statement?

D.C. Chief of Police Cathy Lanier said that a ban on handguns in the city is reasonable.

"When I came to this building [U.S. Supreme Court], I had to surrender my gun and I am the chief of police," she said. "That was good. Guns shouldn't be taken inside of churches and government buildings. They should not be available to everybody. The gun ban works and should stay in place."

Don't know if there was one correct statement, but there were plenty incorrect ones.

    - Ban on handguns reasonable? No, that's why SCOTUS is going to overturn it.
    - Chief of Police surrendering her gun? Wrong in most cases, maybe not in this one. It's a push.
    - Surrendering her gun was good? Another push, but usually it's "not good".
    - Shouldn't be taken inside of churches? Well, a lot of people in Colorado Springs are glad there were some guns there last December.
    - They should not be available to everybody. While I agree with the words, I doubt we are in agreement as to who should be allowed to have a gun, as the last statement will attest to.
    - The gun ban works and should stay in place. How can she, as the Chief of Police, say that with a straight face? It boggles the mind.

I think this challenges for the most-stupid-per-square-inch award, what you think?


Anonymous said...

Let some idiot come into the church in which she attends and open fire...I bet she would think differently right about then. She is a WALKING double standard. If she feels so strongly about the gun ban, why don't she volunteer to give hers up? Just a thought.

Rustmeister said...

She might as well. She lets anyone and everyone tell her she can't carry it.