Monday, March 24, 2008

Gun Locks, and Stuff

From Unc via Sebastian comes this dipstick (Josh Horwitz), taking the usual HuffPo position on firearms, meaning the DC gun law was a good one

First, Sebastian says:

trigger locks are probably the worst way to ensure this
He's right. Let me tell you what a trigger lock is to a little kid: It's a puzzle in need of solving, a challenge that must be undertaken. Especially if you fail to teach your kids "don't touch, go tell an adult".

Unc points to this part from 'ol Josh:

It is mystifying that Chief Justice Roberts, who has two young children, is not equally aware of why kids and guns are a bad mix.
But I'd bet his children know "don't touch, go tell an adult".

Then, there's this:

That apparently didn't satisfy Justice Scalia, who had envisioned a hypothetical home invasion scenario of "somebody crawling in your bedroom window."
Notice the scare quotes? The use of the word "hypothetical"? They never seem to pop up when the anti-gunner is talking about kids.

Yes, I know, in this particular case, there was a reference made, but there are also plenty of references to burglaries and home invasions out there.

These guys can't post anything new, of course, because there are no real-world arguments against the bearing of arms. There's just appeals to emotion, and facts taken out of context.

Yet, the keep doing it. Over and over. Expecting a different result. Isn't that some sort of definition?

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