Saturday, June 4, 2011

OMG Sarah Palin is SO St00pid!

She's gone and done it again, made all those thoughtful progressives pee themselves.

See, in a recent news bit, she mentioned how Paul Revere warned the British that the Americans were preparing for war on his famous ride. Those learned liberals (as well as conservative Palin haters), whose whole frame of reference on the issue is a poem, jumped on it as yet another example of how st00pid she is*.

However, just like the Great Boston Tea Party Incident**, she was right. I wonder, does she do it on purpose? I would

Here's a round up of the hyperventilation.

* Of course, calling people st00pid is what they do. Even a Harvard MBA is st00pid if he doesn't think the way he should.

** I don't really put this on the same level, but close enough. Besides, it's the reaction that's fun to watch.

I really gotta get me another laptop. Lots of good stuff out there these days.


Anonymous said...

Hey, what a victory -- the 2% of conservatives who read the right blogs have heard the spin, and they ALL know that Palin's foggy garbling can be construed, if you try hard enough, to accidentally resemble a credible account of what happened.

They were wrong about "party like it's 1773". They're right about this. She sounds as dumb as Obama. Hell, she sounds as dumb as BIDEN.

The rest of the country just knows she got confused and babbled something. Which, sorry, I've seen what she said. She was winging it.

But yeah, that 2% of 40% of the country who know the "real story" can TOTALLY win a national election.

Even if she could get elected, she's too slipshod and lazy to get anything enacted, even if she had the attention span to try. She's the conservative Obama: A professional campaigner with very little demonstrated interest in doing the job. Well, to be fair, she did actually focus on governing Alaska when she had that job, more than Obama has on the presidency. But that's not saying much, and what's she been doing since she quit? Nothing involving any responsibility.

But cling to that fantasy with all your might. Let's lose BIG this time. Let's make sure we give Obama another four years. We gotta help him win, win, win. For the sake of our PRINCIPLES, y'see.

Bill589 said...

With her bus trip, Sarah Palin has been schooling everybody on our great country’s founders. She also is schooling us on how quick the media attacks someone they don’t like if they think they can, even without doing any research themselves. Her/our opponents are getting desperate.

Once again, we learn Sarah Palin is brilliant, and we can’t trust the liberal/rino media.

The Republican elites, the Democratic party, and all of the networks including half of Fox, are against her. That makes it almost a fair fight.

Barracudas Maximus - 2012

Rustmeister said...

Anon (if that IS your real name!), the point I was making was more along the lines of what Bill said in the comment after yours.

Sarah Palin will always bee seen as a buffoon by the Legacy Media and those they perform for, just like W.

I think Palin would do fine as President, but I would like to see her lose the "Aw shucks, golly" thing she has going on. It does come across as less-than-serious.

Bottom line is, ANY candidate outside the establishment (McCain, Romney) will be vilified by the press and both sides of the aisle, because, as we know, job one after getting elected is getting re-elected.