Sunday, June 5, 2011

News To Me

The Army and Air Force Exchange System is now selling guns. Back in my day, the MWR Rod and Gun did all the gun sales, now it's hit the big store.

My Binging (doesn't have the same ring as "Googling", does it?) tells me that if I had ever dropped by a gun forum I'd have known this, but none of them ever wanted to accept my handle, so I didn't bother. Besides, Forums (Fora?) can get silly, and there's enough silliness ion my life already, don't need to voluntarily add more.

Also, I have to think me settling close to a Navy base had something to do with it. No guns allowed there, whatsoever. They even shut down their postage-stamp range a few years back.

Ah well, nice to see progress. Might have to pop over to Ft Campbell and see what they have.


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Cargosquid said...

The Marine Corps Exchange in Norfolk, VA sells guns too. And base housing has a range.

Don't know if its like that elsewhere