Friday, April 8, 2011

New TN Gun Law

A recent update from the NRA:

Tennessee: Pro-Gun Bill Signed into Law by Governor Haslam

On March 31, Governor Bill Haslam signed Senate Bill 519 into law.  SB 519, which took immediate effect, recognizes that any employer permitting a person to legally carry a firearm on the employer's property does not constitute an “occupational safety and health hazard” to the employees.  SB 519, sponsored by state Senator Mike Bell (R-9), passed in the Senate by a 30 to 1 vote.  House Bill 283 is the companion bill to SB 519, sponsored by state Representative Vance Dennis (R-71), that passed in the House by an 82 to 8 vote.  

The recognition of Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards by the General Assembly in SB 519 and HB 283 should serve as a stepping stone toward the passage of parking lot/worker protection legislation that would allow gun owners to lawfully store firearms in their privately-owned and locked vehicle while parked in publicly accessible parking lots controlled by their employer or a business that they frequent.  Employees should not be forced to choose between being fired from their job or sacrificing their right to self-defense on their daily commute.

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