Saturday, September 18, 2010

Quote of the Day

This via King Shamus over at Baldilocks:

If Christine O'Donnell wins in November, it's a great success for the Tea Party and the Right.  If she loses to Chris Coons, so be it.  But to suggest that Castle would've done conservatives any good if we put him in the Senate is laughable.  He would've been a constant irritant, the ever present grain of sand in the bikini bottom of Republican politics.  For all intents and purposes, Castle = Coons.  It's that simple.  Looking at it that way, voting for O'Donnell was a no-brainer. 
Even though Castle would have been more "electable", his voting record was that of a liberal Democrat. This has win-win written all over it. They already have one win in the books, and may have another in November. Even if they lose, RINOs everywhere should consider themselves on notice.