Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Message to Veterans

This comes via Heli Gunner Tom, a Vietnam vet and blogger:

"Today, people think they are being trendy and paying for coffee or something for the next guy in line. They call it "PAYING IT FORWARD." Well, the TRUE inventors of paying it forward are ........VETERANS!


So the next time someone [a vet] says he doesn't want any freebies or handouts, remind him or her. If you served, you already paid for it in advance.

God bless you
You'd be surprised how prevalent that feeling is among veterans. I know a lot of bloggers and readers are veterans, I have to ask: how many have registered with the VA? Like Tom says:
Get, study, learn and research to get ALL OF YOUR LEGAL BENEFITS, and now! Your spouse can benefit too, with the 'hidden' CHAMPVA provisions that the VA does NOT want you all to know about. Please, do your homework, now!
In the interest of full disclosure, I am not yet registered with the VA. I figured, being retired military meant I didn't have to. But, after a conversation with my uncle (retired Navy), I'm going to go ahead and register.

I won't be taking anything away from someone else. Besides, I've already paid for it.



Scott McCray said...

Damn' skippy you did - and thank you very much for your service!

Steve in TN said...

All of us - no matter what we do - serve. All of us "pay it forward" despite some not being "veterans."

Sometimes it is very hard to remember that we are citizens with the responsibility to serve our community and nation as stewards of good will. When we see a friend and neighbor in need, we pay it forward. That is the definition of being an American.