Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weekend Cigar Blogging

As I close in on my first year of cigar appreciation, I'd like to revisit a few smokes I tried early on, before I knew squat* about cigars.

CAO Italia, Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 - First, I've grown to like the Italia a lot more than the first time I tried it. I still get spicy notes, more white pepper than anything else, but those notes come across in a good way. Had me craving a big bowl of pasta after smoking it. =)

I have a few in the humidor these days. Like my beer fridge, my humidor is prepared for just about anything.

Before, I said I liked the Vintage 1990 over the '92, but recently, I've come to enjoy the '92 at least as much, if not more, than the '90. The '92 is a little bigger tasting than the '90, and has earned a spot in the humidor along side the '90's

CAO MX2 - Here we go, round three with this puppy. I've had bad luck with this smoke in the past, but a recent CAO sampler I got had three box pressed MX2's in it, so I'll give it another go.

The thing about this smoke - it's a "double maduro", meaning that both the wrapper (outer cover) and the binder (inner cover) are of the maduro variety. Maduro, I've come to find out, isn't a type of leaf, but the curing process.

It's pretty strong (I'm smoking it now), and the first third is peppery and leathery. The draw is a little tight, but not enough to hamper anything. Sailorcurt is right, the finish (aftertaste) doesn't last long.

Moving through the cigar, the leather gives way to dark chocolate. The black pepper is still there, but it has moved to the background. The draw has loosened up, providing plenty of smoke. It's a lot better now.

It's strong, too. I'm getting a bit buzzy. Not much, but this is one to smoke after a good meal, not a light lunch.

I have to mention, the construction is impeccable. Not a hole, tear or soft spot throughout.

Final verdict: a keeper, but definitely not for beginners.

One thing I've learned about my way of getting to know a cigar: I can't just sit and think about it. If I do that, I'm too busy thinking about it and not trying to enjoy it. Once I occupy myself, in this case doing some light work in the back yard, the cigar presents itself better, and I can let it come to me, rather than trying to pull out whatever it is I'm looking for.

* At this point, I'm pretty comfortable saying I do know squat about cigars, but not much more than that.

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