Monday, September 21, 2009

Titan Thoughts

Ouch. Losing to the Texans is bad, but scoring 31 points and losing to the Texans is damn near traumatizing.

How did that happen? Simple - for the second week in a row, our pass defense was non-existent. Part of it has to do with the loss of Albert Haynesworth (there, I said it). We simply can't get pressure on the opposing teams quarterback with a four man rush. Without the pressure, their QB has time to find the open receiver.

I still stand by my earlier statement concerning Haynesworth - his loss shouldn't be that much of an impact. The rest of the Defense is the same as last years.

Except the Defensive Coordinator. Don't get me wrong, I think Cecil will turn out to be an excellent D Coordinator. But, right now it looks to me like his reputation for aggressiveness has rubbed off on his players - in a bad way.

Griffin is a prime example of what I'm saying. In an attempt to get a jump on the play, he'll bite on a pump fake or a play action and be out of position when the ball is thrown.

Cecil needs to get his squad settled down.

The upside? Our Offense is pretty damn good. Chris Johnson had a career day. Of course, 91-yard touchdown runs tend to help in that regard.

On a final note, I love me some Music City Miracles, but it looks like they are paying the price for success. Namely, they've gotten themselves some weeny-whiney poo-butt commenters over there who can't handle a loss and have no perspective whatsoever. I'm not going to quote any of them (they know who they are), but I will give a shout out to commenter "guilded" and credit him with the Quote of the Day:

please stop feeding each other heapings of stupid
You got that right.



Anonymous said...

As an oiler fan who watched bud adams sell us out,,it was like watching the oilers play the oilers and i revel in the win for the Texan's,,,best game i have seen
them play......gunner44mag

Rustmeister said...

That's OK, we'll be heading to Houston soon enough. ;-)

Rogersworthe said...

Hey, come on now. 0-2 is a serious problem. Fans are supposed to overreact (it is short for fanatic), especially with such high expectations that the team put on themselves. It was LenDale and Bulluck talking Super Bowl all offseason long that got people so amped up for the year.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck coming to Houston. Gonna hurt losing both games to the Texans. Prepare for 0 and 3.

Rustmeister said...

Rogers - 0-2 isn't a serious problem, it is a concern, though.

And believe me, I'm as pissed as anyone - but I'm not going to declare the season over, or whatever other silliness was going on last Sunday.

I think we'd be better off as a #3 seed or worse going into the playoffs anyway. Easier to keep continuity that way.

Anonymous (if that IS your real name!) - here's a prediction for ya.

By the time the Titans meet the Texans again (week 11), the Titans will have a better win-loss record than the Texans.

How's that grab ya?

Rogersworthe said...

The only reason I would say it is serious is because game 3 becomes a must-win. Any time you put yourself in a must win 3 games into a season, it's a serious problem.

Rustmeister said...

I hear ya, I'll stop short of saying "must win", but I'm sure thinking it.

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly the Titans started 0-4 and went to the Super Bowl. Jets Crash Sunday.