Monday, September 21, 2009

Gun Polls

Via SayUncle, we find a roundup of gun polls. This is a really good roundup, and while I encourage you to check it out yourself, I'll give you a quick rundown:

  • Most Americans understand the Second Amendment means what it says.
  • Too many Americans still haven't figured the term "assault weapon" means "a regular rifle that looks cool".
  • Most Americans support "stricter gun control" until it is put into more detail, then they oppose it.
  • Most people understand guns don't cause criminal behavior
  • About half of America thinks gun laws should be more strict
  • But then only about a third want new gun laws passed.
Confused? Yeah, me too. There's more, but it's mostly the same questions, asked by different people.


1 comment:

Crotalus said...

The Fox News Poll was most disappointing, as Fox News is supposed to be fair and balanced.

Their poll asked whether laws should be enforced better, or should we have more restricive laws. Nowhere did they acknowledge the third (and best) option: REPEAL THE DAMN THINGS!

I had thought better of Fox News.