Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This is What Happens When People Carry Guns!

Police on scene of shooting at East Memphis office building

Memphis police are investigating a shooting in East Memphis this afternoon.

The incident happened about 3 p.m. at the Hobson Building at 5384 Poplar.

A jewelry salesman was leaving the building when he was attacked by four men who tried to rob him, said Joel Hobson of Hobson Realtors. The salesman pulled his gun and shot two of the men, Hobson said.

They did not get anything from the salesman, Hobson said.
Four vs. one, but the one had a gun.



Anonymous said...

Awesome. Good to hear that the citizen got the upper hand over the criminal today.

Robb Allen said...

"They did not get anything from the salesman, Hobson said. "

I'd say two of them got plenty.

Moogie P said...

Sweeeeeeeeettttttttttt justice!!!!!!!!

Brandon said...

I'm glad that the people lying face-down on the pavement were the ones who deserved to be, for a change.

Rustmeister said...

It's a good thing the salesman wasn't coming off Beale Street, eh?

Firehand said...

Well, they got something, all right, but copper and lead wouldn't have quite the value they were hoping for.

At least to them.

Reputo said...

Well with the price of ammunition these days (especially self defense ammunition) they might have walked away with something quite valuable. What I want to know is why the perps didn't stick around to pick up the brass? That stuff is worth a mint!

Anonymous said...

The brass may be worth a fair amount, but it's worthless without the primers. Which, I understand, are still in short supply, backordered, even. So, does that then make the brass worthless??

B Woodman