Monday, June 22, 2009

My First "It's My Birthday!" Post

I've never posted about my birthday before, not directly. It's just not something I do, but this time is the exception.

Today is my birthday, and I'm 50 years old. Wow, that's a milestone, isn't it?

I have to say, with all the ups and downs I've experienced over the last half-century, I'm happy with my life and where I'm at now. The future's looking pretty good, too.

It's kind of liberating, being fifty. For one thing, I'm no longer constrained by fashion. Black socks and loafers with Bermuda shorts? No problem! Big straw hat and Hawaiian shirt? Bring 'em on! Hell, I'm fifty, I don't have to worry about looking cool! Where can I get those big wrap around sunglasses?

The downside? Pants are mandatory (sorry, Robb), and now I wear sneakers so my feet won't hurt, instead of being ready for a spontaneous game of Frisbee or something.

Thanks for reading this, I figure if I make it another 25 years I'll make another birthday post, as pants will once again become optional attire.

Y'all take care, I see some kids on my lawn....



DirtCrashr said...

Congrats! Hot and Cold seem more powerful somehow, so short pants are ok for ventilation purposes, and how else are you going to show-off those black socks and wingtips? ;-)

Bob S. said...

Congrats Rusty,

I'm a little younger but just joined the big straw hat club this weekend.

Of course, summer in Texas almost requires something. I've given up on being cool and will settle for comfortable any day.

Least your mind isn't going yet I hope-- this really isn't your 55th b-day is it? {searching Rusty's archives for previous age admissions} :)

Rustmeister said...

Thanks, guys.

Squeaky Wheel said...

I just got my intarwebz back (been out of town for a bit) - Happy Birthday, Rusty! I'm looking forward to that get-together. Hopefully I won't be working. :-)