Monday, June 22, 2009

Cigar Blogging - Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 Torpedo (seconds)

So, I finally carved out a nice block of time to devote strictly to this cigar. Good idea, as it took me an hour and a half to smoke it. That was intentional, though. I really took it slow, to make sure I got everything I could out of the cigar.

It certainly delivered.

Just like the last time I had a 1990, the first third of the cigar was fairly mellow, and it steadily built in flavor over time. This time, however, the notes were more coffee and cocoa powder, rather than chocolate and cherries. Not unusual, as from what I've read and experienced, different shapes tend to have different flavor profiles.

Will I buy more?

Let me put it to you this way, I'm seriously considering buying a second humidor and stocking up, these sticks were that good. That, and these being seconds, the price was unbelievable.


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