Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Back From My Physical

Doc said "Nothing's changed", sweeet!

Then he said "You're at the age where we recommend colonoscopy."




Anonymous said...


I loled.


Brandon said...


No, they'll give you some stuff that'll clean you right out.

And I loled, too.

Bob S. said...

I recommend that you take your favorite adult libation and perhaps a Rocky Patel vintage 90 for afterwards.

Make sure he promises to respect you in the morning.

Rustmeister said...

Yeah, I guess a finger's not enough any more....

Mike W. said...

Shit. - I'm guessing you'll be doing a lot of that prior to the procedure.

Anonymous said...

Just been there, done that. It's not the procedure, you're out & asleep for that.
It's the PRE-procedure. Lots of stuff taken the day before that will have you sittin' & s**tn' for too long & too often.
I hope you're either retired or can get the full day off. You'll need to be by a toilet. All day. Guaranteed.

Rotsa ruck,
B Woodman

Anonymous said...


Sucks to be old, eh? ;)

Michael Roy Hollihan said...

I had one about ten or so years ago and it's not as bad as all that. I was doped up pretty well and got to watch their monitor as they went exploring. And then I took a nice nap.

It's just the first time you see that looooooong black plastic gizmo that you think, "Aww, hell naw!"

The Sniper said...

The worst part is the flush the night before. THey give you a laxative and... well... don't make any plans for the next six hours and don't go farther than 15 feet from a toilet. Seriously.