Friday, January 30, 2009

Super Thoughts

Question: What is the oldest professional American football team in existence?

Hint: It's one of the two remaining charter members of the NFL.

Bears? Packers?

Nope, it the Cardinals. Hard to say why nobody talks about them like that. I guess it's because in the early years, the (then) Chicago Cardinals played the role of Washington Generals to the Bears' Harlem Globetrotters, which is to say they didn't do much winning. And that didn't change much after they moved to those big market towns of St Louis and Tempe/Phoenix.

Nevertheless, there they are, going to their first Superbowl (can I use that word without being sued by the NFL?), facing those relative newcomers, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Who is going to win? No idea. I'm pulling for the Cards. They're 7 point underdogs (gamblers, I'd take that bet if I were you), and I like underdogs, so I'm making my prediction:

Cardinals 27 - Steelers 21

This prediction has the added bonus of having the losing teams' fans already equipped with crying towels. ;-)



West, By God said...

I'll bet you a pint of your choice... I gotta pick the Stillers.

Rustmeister said...

You're on!

West, By God said...

What a close game... I barely have any fingernails left!

And next time you're in the Tampa Bay area, I like most Belgian tripels :)

Rustmeister said...

You got it!