Friday, January 30, 2009

A Question for John Woods and Eliot Cotton

So, the University of Texas Student Government voted against allowing handgun carry on their campus.

These supposedly educated people are quoted in the article, saying educated things like:

“There are so many things we can do to make schools safer, and bringing guns on campus is not one of them,” said John Woods, a biology graduate student who authored the resolution.

Woods completed his undergraduate degree at Virginia Tech University only three weeks after the country’s most deadly school shooting. Woods said the tragedy catalyzed his involvement in gun debate.

My question to John is this: "How would your resolution have prevented what happened at Virginia Tech?"

On to Eliot, who says:

“I hope this sends a sign to our legislators that the students that would be affected by the bill really want the policy we have in place to stay in place,” said Eliot Cotton, a law school representative. “This is my safe haven, and I don’t want whoever wants to bring guns on campus to do so and compromise that feeling of safety.”

Eliot, please see my question to John. Feel free to answer.

Those students felt, as you do, that their campus was safe. Guns were not allowed there. A lot of them are no longer with us because of your head-in-the-sand attitude.

A piece of paper, a law, will not stop an determined shooter. Someone intent on shooting up a mall or college campus doesn't fear the law. They know they are going to die.

The only thing they fear is the armed citizen. Someone who will end his rampage before he is satisfied.

Your resolution removes that variable from the equation, giving free rein to anyone wanting to go on a rampage.

I hope you and those like you are man enough to accept the blame if something like that happens on a UT campus, because your actions help make it possible.

Hat tip - Murdoc.


Mike W. said...

I'm sure they'll enjoy their "safe havens" where they can "feel safe."..... Just like everyone else does until tragedy strikes. Once that happens these folks couldn't be happier to see the good guys with guns.

Anonymous said...

Armed faculty and students might not be able to stop a campus shooting, but they could certainly bring it to a screeching halt ..

Anonymous said...

Well, like you said, it's not the law that will stop that kind of madness, not more than your 9mm... Like you said, whatever what is their motivation, those kind of freaks have one thing in common: they are determined. So, when all student will be armed with their revolver, the next rampages will not be made by a guy with a revolver, but with grenade an assault rifle, or sniper rifle. What will you do for that after? Put heavily armed troop on campus? Look how is going in other place, like Canada. Do you ever heard about a killing rampage there? No. And probably the only real difference between here and there is about the gun control. So think again my friend.

Rustmeister said...

Anon 9:35, you are clearly unfamiliar with the way the world works.

An active shooter isn't a tactical genius, looking to outflank their opponent.

They just want to go on a shooting spree before killing themselves.

All I want is for armed, honest people to be able to defend themselves.

And I'm not going to address your strawman argument concerning grenades and heavily armed troops. Other than to call it a strawman, of course.

Finally, if you think there's no mass killing going on in Canada, think again (my friend).

The only difference there is the government has pretty much disarmed the public, so there is little chance for effective self defense.

Anonymous said...

We need to STOP these misguided students.

For the reasons stated in this blog, let's OPPOSE John Woods and his campaign.