Monday, December 8, 2008

PSA - Computer Scam

Not that I was ever in danger, but there's a new virus threat going around. If you get anything with a subject line - "Obama Amazing Speech" or similar, just delete it.

Snopes says it's valid.

From what Snopes says, it's not the email itself, but a link that will send you to a website that tells you to download a "new version of Adobe Acrobat" when what you are actually downloading is keylogger spyware. Don't do it. Bad juju.

You can now return to your regularly scheduled activities.


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Sevesteen said...

Any time you need to download a "new version of" anything to view something--software, video codec, plugin, where they supply the link it is almost certainly a scam of some sort. If you can't resist the bait and have convinced yourself it is one of the 2% that are legit, the software maker's site will have the update you need--Go there directly.