Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This is What Happens...

... when the shooting sports gets positive press coverage:

Call it the Abhinav Effect. In the 24 hours since the shooter shot for gold at the Beijing Olympics, 65 air rifles have flown off shelves from just one shop in Chandigarh.


"Our stock has exhausted," said a beaming Ravi Ahuja from Ahuja Arms Company, the region's sole distributor of air rifles recommended for shooting.
Just imagine how it would be if our media portrayed shooting as a sport, instead of a sin.



Standard Mischief said...

Just as an experiment, go here:

select your local broadcast station, and see what the coverage for the shooting sports is. Mine (NBC4, DC area) had all the listings between midnight and 3 am.

Great time slot for such a popular sport

''...participation in shooting sports tops tennis, softball, jet skiing, water skiing, mountain biking, most team sports and virtually all of the technical sports like rock climbing and kayaking, ..."

Rustmeister said...

The earliest I see is 1030 PM, with about half being after midnight.


Ninth Stage said...

The late times are for live coverage. You can also see shooting events online after they've happened. So far I've watched men's and women's 10m air rifle, 10m air pistol, and men's free pistol events.

IIRC, today I'll be able to watch women's sport pistol event recorded last night.

I've had a heck of a good time watching all sorts of events online, live or recorded.