Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Aaron Rodgers

I watched the first half of the game last night. I think Green Bay will be fine with Rodgers as QB. He looked good. Calm, in control, and pretty accurate considering how early it is, season-wise.

Also, watching the rest of the offense, it looks like they are rallying around him, and playing their hearts out.

I had a thought this morning, watching SportCenter. They reported Rodgers had 51 text messages and calls from other NFL quarterbacks, congratulating him on his performance.

I'd be willing to bet Brett Favre wasn't one of them.



Brandon said...

I was pretty impressed by Rodgers' performance, too. He didn't seem nervous at all, but rather took the field and played like a veteran. A couple dropped passes and one interception weren't his fault, but that of the receivers. I think the Packers will find they've got a pretty good quarterback, despite Favre's absence.

On a related note, I'm sick to death of hearing about Favre and, frankly, find myself hoping that he sucks it up in New York.

Rustmeister said...

I think he will. He has to learn a new system on a team that's not very good.

Most people fail to realize that Favre is the NFL leader in interceptions, and in the top three (I think) in fumbles.

He's not going to be a happy camper in NY.

Mike W. said...

Not at all. The Jets receivers and offensive line are terrible.