Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Brett Favre Retires

Looks like the old man's heading out to pasture.

Favre 'mentally tired,' tells Packers he's retiring

Found via Jimmy and The Ol' Broad.

Truthfully, I never thought of Favre as a "great" quarterback. He was good, he was tough, and he was enthusiastic. I'd take someone with those attributes any time. But his "gunslinger" mentality (aka "throw it up and hope my team catches it") lost as many games as it won for him. Plus, as few of his comments over the years put me off.

Here's a breakdown of why I don't really care for the guy:

When Favre was asked about getting to mentor the franchises young QB, "It's not my job," responded Favre.

The hell it's not, teammate.
when pressed by the media one afternoon about his status & warned of a possible ultimatum by Ted Thompson the Packers GM he responded, " 'What are they going to do, cut me?"
If I were Ted Thompson, I would have, right then and there. Of course, that's probably why I'm not in the NFL.

Wide receiver Javon Walker was heading into his fourth season as a pro. Coming off his first Pro Bowl season at the age of 26. Walker's agent Drew Rosenhaus suggested Walker hold out that season. Walker was making around $500,000. Which is a boat load to you & me, but in the world of professional sports it's the equivalent of being the pizza boy. Especially, for a guy who had made it to a pro bowl & seemed to be coming into his own. Favre came out and questioned Walker's desire & talked about putting the team first. Easy to say for a guy who had signed a 10 year deal worth 100 million dollars in 2001.

Yep, Brett's the one to talk about "team first".

Sorry Favre fans, this is one bandwagon I'll not be jumping on. He'll get his gold jacket and the sports announcers will be lining up to kiss his ass, but all I'll do is change the channel.

My cousin's so gonna kick my ass when he reads this....

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