Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Taking Another College Student to the Woodshed

I see it as a part of their education experience, and I don't even charge tuition. This one, from Jessica Mayrer, is titled -

More guns, more violence

Alternate title: Repeating Bloomburg's Talking Points Makes Me Sound Smart

The group Students for Concealed Carry on Campus is pushing to legalize carrying guns on the University of Montana campus and other colleges. They maintain arming college students with Colt .45s and Berettas will protect us from shooting sprees like those seen at Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois University.
No, they simply want those students already in possession of a permit the option to carry on campus. Big difference
Having a weapon in the home increases the chance of homicide. A household with a weapon is three times more likely to have a family member killed than a home without a gun, according to the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University
Put links to your facts. It goes a long way in validating your claims. Although I've heard all these claims before, I have to ask: How likely is it that a gun in the home could prevent a violent situation from occurring? Check here for an idea.
Learning how to drink, date and deal with life makes for moody students and sometimes-volatile situations. Placing guns into inexperienced hands ensures more violence, not less.
Again, this law would not put anything in anyone's hands that wasn't already there.
Guns don’t stop violence. It’s been proven in study after study. That’s like saying if UM hands out donuts, we’ll all lose weight. That kind of logic is paid for by gun manufacturers who profit from fear.
Well, if that donut is all you eat for the day, you will lose weight. As to your "guns don't stop violence" remark, I'll let one of your commenters say it for me:

Oh, you mean like in Pearl MS where a Vice Principal stopped a school shooting with his own .45?

Perhaps the Appalachian School of Law where two armed students stopped a school shooting.

Maybe the New Life Church in CO will support your theory.

Then again, maybe you have not really looked into this and are just going off your own phobia about armed people. Phobia - irrational fear not backed up by facts.

Posted by DanG on 03/04/2008 at 6:29 am

What he said.
Another study, conducted by the California Research Bureau, the research arm of the California Legislature, said states with lenient concealed weapon laws generally have higher violent crime and murder rates than states with stricter handgun laws.
Again, please reference your stats. Here's how you do it. All it takes is a little search engine action. Unlike the references you cite, which I could not find.


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