Monday, July 7, 2008

Required Reading

Found this via Kevin:

Bud Day

No, it's not about drinking American style Pilsner, it's about a guy you should know. A guy CNN doesn't want you to know about:

George "Bud" Day was seventeen in late 1942 when he badgered his parents into allowing him to volunteer for the Marine Corps. He spent nearly three years in the South Pacific during World War II, then returned home, went to college, and got a law degree. In 1950, he joined the Air National Guard. When he was called up for active duty a year later, he applied for pilot training and flew fighter jets during the Korean War. After being promoted to captain in 1955, he decided to become a "lifer" in the Air Force.

In 1967, Day, now a major, was put in command of a squadron of F-100s in Vietnam involved in a top-secret program. Nicknamed the Misty Super Facs, their mission was to fly over North Vietnam and Laos as "forward air controllers," selecting military targets and calling in air strikes on them. On August 26, ground fire hit Day's plane, destroying its hydraulic controls and forcing it into a steep dive.

That, of course, led to him being John McCain's roomie at the Hanoi Hilton. Of course, all CNN (the most busted name in news) said of him was the belonged to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

Reading that brought back a lot for me, like how I despise John (spit) Kerry more than just about any living human walking the earth today.

Damn, I wish there were a range here.


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