Thursday, April 3, 2008

Naifeh Does it Yet Again - With Camper's Help

TN House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh has put the screws to gun owners again. Via Serr8d and Uncle comes this news:

Naifeh shoots down latest gun permit bill

House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh pulled out the big guns Wednesday, using the powers of his post to shoot down a bill making the records of handgun carry permit-holders confidential.

After a House panel Wednesday had unexpectedly approved sealing from public inspection permit-holders’ information, Naifeh took action. He effectively appointed a new member of the House — just sworn in Wednesday — to the panel that had just approved the bill.

Once appointed, Naifeh and the new representative, Rep. Karen Camper (D-Memphis), voted to reconsider the panel’s previous approval of the bill, and then Naifeh and Camper gave the opposition enough votes to kill the measure.

As a result of the new member and Naifeh’s vote, the bill was defeated on a 5-4 vote.

For her part, Camper denied that Naifeh directed her how to vote.

“If she’s going to be paid today, she needs to be working,” Naifeh quipped of Camper.

I'm sure Speaker Naifeh and his handmaiden protege were simply on the side of transparent government. No gun bias whatsoever.

Like I said here, this cannot be allowed to continue, but it does.

As I'm writing this, I get even more disturbing information: Karen Camper is a retired Army Officer, among other things I'll refrain from saying for now.

Oh the hell with it -

Karen D. Camper, you are a dirtbag among dirtbags. For over twenty years you served in the Armed Forces of this country, protecting the freedoms we hold dear. Now, you're taking part in the destruction of these same freedoms by being Jimmy Naifeh's lapdog. You obviously don't remember where you came from, and I hope you lose in your effort to be elected to the post you now hold.

Update: Link fixed

I'm ashamed for my branch. What self-respecting Army officer would stoop so low?

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