Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Well No Shit, Sherlock

Newsflash from Reuters:

For some in U.S., guns are a hobby like any other

Black's friend Lynn Kartchner is another self-described "gun nut" who lives in Douglas. He has a private arsenal of around 100 handguns, shotguns and rifles of all sorts which he uses for everything from hunting prairie dogs and rabbits to target shooting.

"The richer the golfer, the more clubs he owns," he told Reuters at a Sunday morning pistol shoot at the Douglas Rifle & Pistol Club, where he can usually count on meeting up with a number of like-minded enthusiasts.

"You have a golf club for every angle and range, whether you're lying in the grass or lying in the sand trap. It's the same with gun nuts," he said.

You betcha.

Update - format errors fixed

Update 2 - Ahab is not as easy on them as I am.

Update 3 - Strange, the link Sebastian used points to "ConsumerGoodsAndRetailNews" while the one I used above says "latestCrisis". How odd is that? Conflicted much, Reuters?

This, from Al-Reuters? Whoda thunk it?

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