Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Today Show Talks About the Rabid Mountain Lion

Remember this?

Today's gonna do a report on it.

I'm waiting on it. Let's see how it's presented.

Teaser: The kid had "nerves of steel".

Teaser II: He confronted a mountain lion at his 10th birthday party, and he won.

The Story: Kid attacked by a rabid mountain lion. Kid tells his story. The other kid tells her story. Grampa - avid outdoorsman - got a gun from his car, and then an uncle shot the cat.

No other mention of the firearm, or the legality of it being in a park. Of course, the park was just mentioned in passing. No emphasis whatsoever. Way to dodge the issues, NBC.

What this story does show is how kids, when properly taught in the ways of the outdoors, react accordingly. They listened to their parents, and stayed still. Everyone survived. Good on 'em, it would be a hard thing for anyone to do.

Here's the video:

Notice how the magical firearm didn't summon the kid over to the car beforehand, enticing him to play with it? I blame the parents.

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