Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Favorite Aussie

Remember him? The one I talk about here and here? He must have liked the attention. Why?

He's at it again:

They truly hate their own country; get rid of the cities, says one, cos there’s nothing there worth saving (including the inhabitants, one assumes he means) while another’s wife isn’t game to go to the movies unless hubby is packing a concealed handgun in case the cinema turns into Bad Day at Baghdad. Several openly state their guns are the only things that protect them from their fellow-Americans who would just love to harm them if they had the chance.
His lack of common sense is mind-boggling.

However, this paragraph does tell a lot:

Another 20 or so comments are in moderation now and that’s where they’ll stay. This isn’t a site for use by paranoid Americans to tell us how big their dicks are and how much they hate and fear their fellow man. Coincidentally, I read something this morning in a Glenn Greenwald blog about Barack Obama that seems highly relevant:
Something about referencing dick size and Greenwald in the same paragraph seems ... fitting.

I'm offline for a few hours. More when I return

I found this via Goggle Alerts, too.


Anonymous said...

not sharpest tool in the shed, is he?


Sebastian said...

Google alerts are a great resource for bloggers. This guys is a wanker and not worth anyone's time. He's interested in feeling superior to all of us rather than trying to understand anything. I don't have time for pricks like this.

Rustmeister said...

I agree, it's more like he's trying to validate his head-in-the-sand point of view.

Either that, or he likes the attention.

Nomen Nescio said...

i guess i shouldn't be surprised, but it still irks me that he won't let me correct his blatant misrepresentation of my "tear down the cities" punchline.

(it's a piece of ham-handed Swiftian satire, of course. the basic point is, if living in big cities makes people so violent that we have to ban guns just to reduce --- not even eliminate! --- violence in cities, then let's go back to living in small towns and villages instead, so we can keep our peace and our arms. what do we need cities for, if they corrupt our minds that badly?

but noo, our aussie friend insists i must've been arguing for nuking New York with everybody in it, out of hand. of course! how could anybody as violent as us possibly say something any less outrageous? and i surely must've meant it literally, in complete earnest, as well. yeah, right.)

Rustmeister said...

nomen, your comments were some of the best there.

Just another sign of desperation, taking something out of context and hammering it to prove a point.