Friday, March 14, 2008

Fun With Aussies

I've been carrying on a dialog with the guy I mentioned here and one of his friends.

They're under the impression that Americans own guns because they are all paranoid and scared. Or drug dealers:

What a nasty Hobbesian world these people inhabit. Or maybe the guy writing this stuff deals drugs or something, who knows?
That's me he's writing about. Of course I called him on it and he responded:
You classify that as an ad hominem attack? Wow dude, you really are paranoid!!!
Heh. Speaking of paranoid:
The intriguing question about Rusty’s post is: how did he even know about an insignificant blog in Australia? His post was up within hours of mine.
I'd tell you why, but you already answered the question:

Does the gun nuts’ paranoia extend to endlessly searching the intertubes for impure thoughts, just so they can reaffirm their own righteousness?

I look at it more like keeping tabs on those who would take my rights away.
Maybe they have web crawler software do it for them, a kind of gunlovers’ equivalent of The Inquisition engaged in an eternal quest for heresy.

Google New Alerts do the work, I just write a response to anti-gun rhetoric. Like I said in comments, I started the previous post before realizing this was an Aussie blog. It's hard to have a decent discussion when there are two different frames of reference to draw from.

I mean, Australia never acknowledged the right to bear arms in the first place, how can her citizens understand that we hold this right (as are all rights) to be fundamentally granted from the Creator, and not granted by the Government?

Go by and say hi if you want. Be Nice. We wouldn't want them thinking we're all paranoid and scared now, would we?

I don't see this developing much further, really. They are stuck in their rut, and no amount of common sense will bring them out of it.


Anonymous said...

I posted a long comment about how " just aa bunch of blokes in flano" won against the British Empire.

Rustmeister said...

Yeah, I saw that. It's really shaping up over there, isn't it? =)

Anonymous said...

Well he wondered why we think the way we do. I am interested in how folks from other countries percieve us. It is quite different from what I see. What generally suprises me is how much they pay attention to the news in the US. I would bet 80% of US poulation does not pay any attention to other countries.

Firehand said...

I think quite a lot of folks do look at other countries news. If nothing else it
A: makes us thankful we're not there,
B: lets us see things to keep from happening here.