Sunday, March 9, 2008

Misguided Commentary and PSH

GEOFF SCHUMACHER: Where's the outrage over gun violence?

Geoff asks:

What's the problem? My take is we're afraid of the National Rifle Association. We're terrified that if we ask questions or make suggestions, we'll be painted as -- God forbid -- liberals. Or wimps. Or communists.

It's a bunch of hooey, but it seems the gun lobby has intimidated us into bed-wetting submission.

You shout give credit where it's due - not the "gun lobby", but to everyday Americans who vote out the politicians who want to take away their Constitutional rights. Judging from this initial statement, the bed-wetting is about to begin.
Yet, to borrow an apt saying, guns are the elephant in the room. In the wake of the Palo Verde homicide and other recent school-related shootings, we've heard school district leaders and police officials plead for better parenting, which is appropriate, but they haven't said a word about guns.
I'd call that addressing the problem instead of the symptom.
It's taboo because the NRA has effectively spread the message that any sort of regulation or enforcement of guns is tantamount to taking them away from law-abiding Americans.
Like that's not happening today.

This is a rhetorical leap of logic and patently untrue. Citizens are permitted to own registered firearms in every state in the union (the one exception being a vigorously challenged handgun ban in Washington, D.C.), and that's not likely to change.
Wrong-o Geoff. Very few states register firearms. The ones that do then make them illegal and confiscate them.

Rather than address every Brady talking point, I'm going to finish this by showing where this guy's head is really at:

A range of laws has been passed in many states attempting to address gun violence without taking registered firearms away from responsible citizens.
the problem isn't the guy who properly registers his handgun

There seems to be a constantly replenished underground stockpile of unregistered weapons

the problem is the guy who profits from selling unregistered firearms to anyone

going after guns that aren't registered
Can you say control freak? I knew you could..

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