Monday, March 10, 2008


Annette Clifford writes "On Parenting: Guns don't belong in the halls of learning"

Alternate Title - "What They Propose Scares Me, So I'll Make Up Stuff to Justify My Fear"

Some groups suggest the way to prevent killings on campus is to arm more students. The good guy could take out the bad guy before he kills so many, the argument goes.

In some cases, that might actually work.

Well, in many cases it already has.

In others, it could backfire.Student 1 sees student 2 enter the lecture hall and pull an assault rifle from a guitar case.

Student 1 draws his gun and shoots, just as student 3, fleeing in terror, enters the crosshairs.

Bang, innocent student dead.

Student 4, who's been texting his girlfriend, looks up when he hears the commotion, sees student 1 with a gun, pulls his, kills student 1.

So on and so forth, a chain reaction of more illogical violence.

Yes, illogical is the term I'd use here, too. There are a million "what ifs" you can apply to the situation. One thing I'm pretty sure you don't know is Rule Four. The person legally carrying in your scenario knows this, as it's taught everywhere, all the time.

That's why people shouldn't write on subjects they know nothing about. They look silly to people who do know, and scare those who don't.

Of course, if the latter was your objective, then good job!

Thanks to the Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog for the links above.

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