Monday, February 4, 2013

CMP Update - Ammo Rationing

Aguila .22LR Ammunition.  The CMP is sold out of caliber .22 rimfire ammunition. The manufacturer, Aguila, has advised that the earliest we can expect resupply is late April, 2013, at slightly higher pricing. We are still accepting orders and will fill those orders as soon as we have received new inventory. At the rate that orders are being received for this backordered ammunition, the entire resupply quantity may be sold before it is even received. Anyone interested in receiving this .22 ammo should place their order now and get on the list.  Place your order on the CMP E-Store at

Lake City Carbine Ammo. The caliber .30 Lake City Carbine ammo that we offered for sale beginning 2 Jan, 2013 will be sold out by 8 Feb, 2013.  We still have over 1,000 orders for this ammo  that have not yet shipped, but will be filled over the next few weeks.  Aguila .30 carbine ammo (CMP Item 438A) is still available for purchase.

Purchase Limit on HXP .30-06 ammunition. As a result of the purchasing frenzy of the HXP .30-06 ammunition, effective immediately CMP is imposing a 10 can per year per customer limit for CMP Item number 4C3006X000-200 and 4C3006X000-200P (200 loose rounds in .30 cal can). The several thousand orders already received either through estore, mail, phone, fax, etc. will be honored. We regret having to ration this ammunition, but are doing so to ensure that future new rifle purchasers over the next 1-2 years have access to some of this ammunition.  


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