Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Michael Moore is a Big Piece of Shit

Here's why (this time) - Michael Moore's New Years Resolutions:

 4. Stop saying, "I support the troops." I don't ... why would anyone sign up for this rogue organization? 
Because they - aww, never mind. You wouldn't understand. You're so far removed from reality. you actually believe the crap you spout.

But, for comic relief, I'll point out number two:

2. Learn how to make dinner. 
I don't think a lack of dinner is one of Magic thinking Mikes problems.


Austin Wedding Photographer said...

That person is so rude. He doesn't have any idea what the US Army did for the country.

Anonymous said...

No he's not a big piece of shit.

He's a giant piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

Evolution? Conservatives beleive in evolution...Democrats are living proof that fecal bacteria evolved into a higher(?)life form.