Saturday, August 11, 2012

Why I'm Voting for Romney/Ryan

I decided to vote for Romney a while back, even though I voted for Paul in the primary. While, at first glance, Romney seems to be a less-than-ideal candidate, I think he has the potential for a Regan-like Presidency.

Romney draws criticism from the right for things he did as governor, and from the left for things he did at Bain. What some folks seem to miss is that he did the job he was elected/hired to do, and did it well.

As Massachusetts governor, he signed gun control legislation and Romneycare into existence. Folks, it was MASSACHUSETTS fer cryin' out loud! It's how they roll up there. Jay and Bruce can fill you in, if you don't already know.

At Bain, he offshored jobs. Guess what, folks. He was brought on to make the company money, and when taxes, regulations and the associated costs of doing business go too high, that's where the jobs go!

Then there's "he took government money to save the Salt Lake City Olympics" line. Well,duh. The Olympics needed saving, our government didn't want the international embarrassment of a failed Olympics, so there you go. To me, taking government money was perfectly acceptable.

So, there you go. Mitt is my guy. He's done well at every major job he's been put in charge of, I have no reason to think he'll do any different when he's elected.

As for Ryan, Rachel Lucas has all you need to know, along with this QOTD:

Also, I really hope Ryan’s wife Jana is prepared for what’s about to happen to her family. The woman must have guts of steel.


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