Wednesday, April 11, 2012

CMP Update

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M1 Garand Correct Grades - Posted Sold Out. Customer demand for the Correct Grade M1 Garands (RM1SACR and RM1HRACR) has exhausted the inventory that we accumulated for the past few years. Although we may find more as time goes on, there is no way to know that for certain, or when it may happen. As a result we have updated the M1 Garand sales web page to show these items as "Sold Out, Not Accepting Orders". We do expect to be able to fill all orders already in house and in the mail to us.

CMP M1 Garand Special Now Available in .308. The CMP Special in .30-06 has become our best-selling grade and many of our customers have asked us to make the rifle available in .308. This is a completely refurbished rifle consisting of an original M1 Garand Springfield receiver, new production Criterion barrel, new production American Walnut stock and handguards, and new web sling. Receiver and most other parts are refinished USGI, but some parts may be new manufacture. A .308 spacer block is installed to prevent loading of a .30-06 round into the chamber. Item number is RM1308SPECIAL. Rifle is shipped in CMP hard case. $995 plus $24.95 S&H.

CMP No Longer Issuing Ammo at CMP Matches. The CMP will no longer issue ammunition to competitors for the Garand, Springfield, As-Issued Garand, Carbine or any other CMP matches. This includes the National Matches and all Regional Games Events (Eastern/Western Games, Oklahoma Games, Georgia Games, etc.). Competitors may purchase ammunition at the match or bring their own. Ammunition will be for sale at all CMP matches to all match competitors at a special discounted match price. For the 2012 National Rimfire Sporter Match, Lapua will donate 50 rds of ammunition to every competitor. Competitors will be responsible for bringing or purchasing additional ammunition to complete the match. Please contact the Competitions Department at if you have any questions.

.308 Ammo Now Available from CMP. The CMP E-Store is now accepting orders for .308 Ammo - . Item number 443A308-200. This is .308 ammunition manufactured by Atomic Ammunition of Phoenix, AZ. 200 rounds packaged in a Plano reusable plastic ammo can. Nosler boat tail bullet over Varget powder loaded in once-fired military brass. $175 plus $11.95 S&H per can.


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