Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Small CMP Update

via email:

UPDATE ON .22 CAL SIGHTS: CMP has completed one round of sales for sights and hand stops for the .22 cal rifles we have sold over the past 15 years. The next round of sales will begin on March 12, 2012. Available items will be listed on the CMP website and E-Store https://estore.odcmp.com/store/catalog/catalog.aspx?pg=catalogList&cat=PAS at approximately 8:00 AM Central time on Mon, 12 Mar 2012. Sale of these items will be restricted to previous purchasers of CMP .22 cal rifles and a sales limit of one front sight, one rear sight, and one handstop or swivel per customer will be in place. If any sights remain unsold after 30 April, all limits and restrictions will be lifted. There are only small quantities remaining for most of the items.


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