Sunday, October 30, 2011

Titan Thoughts

APOLOGIES for the lack of posting, I have an explanatory post in mind for the near future. Short version is I rarely get on a real computer these days.

Anyhow, my Jekyll and Hyde Titans are trying real hard to get their stuff together,  but so far, no good.

On defense,  it's simple: we can't stop the run. All our problems stem from that. Our secondary has to worry about the run so much, they get burned on passing plays.

Of course, teams run against us so much because we're not scoring points. They don't have to pass.

So the queztion is, why aren't we scoring points when our veteran QB is having his best start ever and our 2000 yard running back is healthy?

1. Coaching. I don' t think the team has completely bought in to the new regime. 

2. No good wide receivers.  Our only good one is hurt. The Titan WR curse is alive and well.

3. I really think Chris Johnson has pissed off the O line. Why else can Ringer break off long runs and Johnson can't?

At any rate, we should be able to win today,  as the Colts "suck for Luck".

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