Saturday, September 3, 2011

CMP Update

via email:

CMP SCRAP AUCTIONThe CMP has accumulated quantities of several types of scrap materials. For various reasons these materials are not practical to sell individually and will be sold in “lots”, each of which will contain a quantity of similar items. For more details, please see the CMP Scrap Auction webpage at

CMP SALES AT THE WESTERN CMP GAMESThe CMP South staff from Anniston, Alabama will be at the Western CMP Games in Phoenix, Arizona, with a supply of government surplus of M1 Garand rifles.  These rifles will be on display Saturday, 15 October through Tuesday, 18 October.  Anyone may inspect these rifles and select one or more to purchase from the CMP regardless of whether they are entered in the competition.   Individuals interested in purchasing rifles who are not firing in the match are welcome to come to Ben Avery Shooting Facility during the daily rifle sales.  Case lots of .30-06 M2 ball ammunition will also be available for purchase at the range.

A short one this time around.

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