Sunday, June 19, 2011

So, We Need Two?

Saw a guy today wearing a T-shirt with "CBP Federal Agent" on it. I halfway thought he was a poser, because everybody knows ICE is the new name for Customs, right?

Well, so is CBP.

So, tell me again why we need to raise taxes? Oh, to support two agencies doing the same job, that's why. Don't even get me started on the FDA - USDA thing and the DEA - ATF - FBI - US Marshals* and God knows how many more thing.

* I would add the Treasury, Secret Service, Dept of Education and all the others, but it's Father's Day and I have more important things to do, like mix a Gin n Tonic..

1 comment:

Mike W. said...

what? You didn't really think they'd completely disband CBP when ICE was created did you?