Friday, June 10, 2011

CMP Update

via eamil:

CMP STORE SCHEDULES FOR 2011: Operating hours for the remainder of 2011 are now posted on the web pages for the CMP North store at Camp Perry, OH and the CMP South store in Anniston, AL. Please see

NEW MANUFACTURE CRITERION BARRELS: We now have the following new manufacture replacement barrels in stock and available for purchase: M1 Garand .30-06; M1 Garand .308; M1 Carbine; M1903; M1903A3;  M1917; Krag .30-40 Carbine; Krag .30-40 rifle.  For pricing and to place an order, please see

STOCK SETS NOW AVAILABLE: We now have the following new manufacture stock sets in stock and available for purchase, while quantities last: CMP item number 084 – M1 Garand unfinished walnut sock set with no metal; CMP item number 086 – M1903 “C” stock set; CMP item number 087 – M1903A3 “C” stock set; CMP item number 088 – M1903 “S” stock set; CMP item number 082 – M1 Garand walnut stock set with no metal (wood finished); CMP item number 082M – M1 Garand stock set with metal (wood finished). CMP item number 083M – M1 Carbine stock set with metal (wood finished).  For pricing and ordering, please see

WEB SLINGS BACK IN STOCK: We have received a new shipment of new manufacture web slings for the M1 Garand. CMP item number is 854WEB. Price is $7.95 each. Please see

M1D SNIPER RIFLES: We have completed inspection and grading of the remaining M1D sniper rifles and now have both Field Grade (RM1DF @ $1200) and Rack Grade (RM1DR @ $900) available for purchase.  See for more details.  

REMINGTON MODEL 40X AND WINCHESTER MODEL 52: CMP has completed the inspection and sorting of all the model 40X and model 52 rifles we accumulated over the past two years. Please see for description and pricing of available options. Quantity is relatively small and we expect these will sell quickly. Orders will be processed in sequence received while quantities last.  There is no reason for us to expect to receive any more of these rifles.

CARBINE BAYONETS: We now have M4 carbine bayonets available for purchase. These bayonets are used and in fair to good condition. Many are unmarked and of unknown manufacture and are probably foreign manufacture. For more detailed description and pricing, please see (Accessories Tab).

CMP AUCTION PROGRAM: Brian Vick, the CMP Auction Coordinator, is relocating to accept a position at another company. We wish him well.  As part of transitioning to improved auction software and a new coordinator, we will not be adding any new items to the auction site for a few weeks, until all current items are sold and shipped to successful bidders.  Visit the CMP Auction Site at


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