Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another Opinel Fan Here

After reading Les' post, I was on Amazon getting something for the house (a refrigerator lock, if you must know) and figured what the hell, it's only twelve bucks, so I bought the Number 8 Carbon as well.

Les has gone over much of the knife's  attributes, so I'll just add a few things.

First, in addition to being very light, the metal locking collar causes the knife to ride hinge-down in your pocket almost without fail, which I like.

In addition to being wicked sharp, it's wicked sharp. I barely grazed it with my thumb, and it gave me what amounted to a paper cut. I've gotten out of the habit of shaving my arm hair with a knife to check sharpness, but I bet this one would take a thin layer of skin if not used carefully.

Finally, the No. 8 is a tad long for what I like in a pocket knife, so I might pick up a No 6 next time.

All in all, it was a quality find for 12 bucks.



Anonymous said...
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Rustmeister said...

Think this is a first (removing a comment), but the comment was so off topic and rambling, it had to go.

Sorry Anon.