Monday, November 22, 2010

Titan Thoughts - The Week Everything Went Upside Down Edition

What a difference a bye week makes. I didn't write last week because:

a: I was in shock


2. I wanted to see if we got things straightened out this week.

Well, one thing got straightened out this week: Vince Young's future, meaning it ain't with the Titans:

Vince Young out as Titans starter

You can go read that, but really, Jimmy says it best: (emphasis mine)

He does not have the mental make-up to be an NFL quarterback right now.  Will he ever?  It is really hard to think that he will considering he has now been in the league 5 years and still has the problems that he did in his first couple of years.  Franchise quarterbacks don't mock the crowd when they are getting booed, and they don't throw their stuff into the stands because their feelings are hurt. 
While I agree with everything above, I do not agree with Jimmy's assertion that Coach Fisher needs to go. I'd bet good money if everything were to be brought out into the open, Fisher would be considered a (Music city) miracle worker for keeping this team together like he has. The thing is, we most likely will never know.

As for the team going forward, it's anybody's guess how things will shake out now. We're heading into the meat grinder of 5 divisional games in six weeks, our starting QB is gone, our backup is hurt, and the only one we have left is a 6th round rookie from that football powerhouse, Florida Atlantic.

Good money would have us going 3-3 down this stretch, and while I wouldn't put any REAL money on anything better, I'm still going to hold out hope. Now that the apparent locker room distraction is gone, we will see what this team is really made of.

Rusty Smith, we look to you! no pressure!


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