Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Titan Thoughts - Week 8 1/2 Randy Moss Edition

Slowly getting to this because I missed the game last week. Too much going on to stop and watch it. Glad I didn't, actually. Dang Chargers have our number.

However, the big news is breaking just now - Randy Moss is now a Titan.

This is big, folks, and more than a little unexpected.

The front office obviously thinks we need the deep threat now. They must also think we're in a position to go deep into the playoffs*.

Add to that we have two weeks to get Randy into our game plan before anyone sees him in a Titans uniform (bye week this week), and it spells trouble for the AFC South in December, when we do most of our divisional games.

Interesting, indeed.

*Yeah, I know it's too early to talk playoffs. Sue me.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with Moss.

If he could not catch a football, remarkably well at times.

He would be a dead gangbanger somewhere.

Haji said...

They wouldn't need him if Britt hadn't gotten injured. I'm betting he's fully aware that this may be his last chance to play in the NFL, though, and I think he'll do a lot better under Fisher than he did under that other guy. The Vikes are a mess. if brett didn't know when to say when before, I bet he does now.