Saturday, October 2, 2010

Looks Like Kuharsky Does Have it in for Vince Young

Why do I say that? Please read the following:

Fisher’s not going to criticize his quarterback [VY] in public because he knows it would hurt the quarterback’s fragile confidence. Heck, he never criticized McNair who was at the complete opposite end of the toughness spectrum.
So, he never criticized McNair. He also never criticized Collins, Smith, Ramsay, O'Donnell, Mauck, Simms, or even Volek*, but he never criticized Young because of his "fragile confidence"? Sounds to me like he doesn't criticize his players because it's unprofessional and counterproductive to team cohesion. So, why the dig at Young?

Your bias is showing, Paul.

* Calling someone a liar in so may words isn't criticism, is it?

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